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Serious debt is like a cancer, it can grow out of control, take over your life and cause a lot of pain and sleepless nights. One big difference is that if you end up sick, you get yourself to a doctor ASAP and fight for your life. Folks in financial distress, on the other hand, tend to put off dealing with the financial cancer and let it get worse and worse until it drags them down and their families with it.

Who do you go to get help with financial cancer? Your local, experienced, certified bankruptcy lawyer. A certified bankruptcy lawyer can stop the disease from spreading and put you on the path to recover.

Here’s the standard plan of attack


First we do a few tests to help diagnose the problem. This requires digging into the facts of the case, finding out what kind of financial pain you are experiencing.


Once we analyze the facts and get a better understanding of the pain you are experiencing we can diagnose the problem and determine just how bad the financial cancer really is. In addition to the facts, we will question you about your goals: keep the house or not ?  Keep the car(s) or not ?  Keep the motorized toys or not ?  Free up cash flow ?


We then propose  treatment plan options based specifically on your personal situation. The plan will differ depending on the seriousness of the situation but will be personally tailored to meet your goals. There are many treatment options available in our tool chest, including both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options.  We will discuss those options thoroughly with you, the pros and cons the costs of each and assist you in making a sound and informed choice about the best one for you.

Patient Compliance

This is the part where the patient (a.k.a. debtor) follows the treatment planned outlined by the expert. The closer you follow the plan the more successful the outcome.

Follow Up

Typically, within a few months after you begin treatment, we can give your finances a clean bill of health. And now you are back on the road to financial wellness, with all the stress, worry and sleepless nights behind you. Enjoy new lease on life.

Moral of the story. Don’t wait to get help. We can help restore your financial health and stability, but the healing can’t begin until you ask for help.

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