Why you should pay for an initial bankruptcy consultation and avoid free consultations

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fix credit report after bankruptcyWhy pay for a bankruptcy consultation when you can get a free consult somewhere else?

As with all things, you get what you pay for. The bankruptcy process can be extremely stressful. Having an experienced lawyer to guide you and advise you throughout the process is worth it if you want to get through the process with a little stress as possible.

What you get with a FREE consult:

  • Spend time listening to a sales pitch instead of getting useful information about your specific case.
  • A less experienced lawyer who needs the work so much they are willing to work for free.
  • A quick 20-30 minute: “Hi, how are you? Yes you need a case filed. When can you come back? Nice to meet you, bye.”
  • Advice that is not customized for your specific situation and might not be useful to you.
  • What is free now will not be free later. You may end up paying more in the end.

What you get with a PAID consult:

  • A full hour of careful, thoughtful analysis, advice and counsel specific to your needs.
  • An experienced lawyer with a stable practice who has seen a wide range of bankruptcy cases and can handle all issues that arise.
  • The advice, counsel and options provided at your consultation will be completely untainted by your lawyer’s economic interests.
  • No sales pitch. The consult is focused completely on you, your problems, and the best options for resolving the problems, which may include NOT filing any bankruptcy case.

The staff at Cossitt Law is committed to helping clients untangle their most complex debt issues while protecting their best interests. Our extensive bankruptcy experience, spanning four decades, allows us to focus on finding pragmatic, customized and cost effective solutions to our clients’ problems so they can get on with their lives. Read more about our initial consultation: here.


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