Tips for a Successful Montana Bankruptcy

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It makes me cringe each time I get a call for a second opinion bankruptcy consultation from a distressed client with a botched bankruptcy case — the lawyer charged very little but missed things, didn’t act in the client’s best interest and didn’t have enough bankruptcy experience and expertise to ensure a successful outcome.   The lawyer was driven by low ball fees and the client got what they paid for, which wasn’t much.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases should never get dismissed because of missed deadlines. No amount of excuses can make up for the pain inflicted on the unsuspecting clients by cut-rate, inexperienced (or just plain lazy) bankruptcy lawyers. A bankruptcy lawyer that doesn’t meet the court’s expectations and deadlines either didn’t pay attention or didn’t care to comply. In the end, the client pays the price. Honest clients who came to the lawyer for help got bilked out of time and money instead.

Over the course of four decades, since the 1980s,  Cossitt Law has drawn on extensive legal experience and expertise to help clients untangle their most complex debt issues, while protecting their best interests and resolving disputes in a timely manner. Our extensive bankruptcy experience allows us to deliver expert legal services while avoiding errors and pitfalls that cost clients extra time and money.  We put your case under the microscope in the privacy of our office, before you file, so any issues can be identified and resolved.

Integrity is at the forefront of Cossitt Law’s guiding principles. We treat our clients with the respect they deserve and represent our clients as we ourselves would like to be represented. You can reach us at 406-752-5616.


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