The Real Costs of Delaying Bankruptcy

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Cash strapped debtors often delay getting bankruptcy advice from an attorney because they think they can’t afford a lawyer. Speaking from decades of experience working with struggling debtors, I can tell you that you can not afford to wait. Why drain thousands of dollars from your savings and/or retirement accounts just to postpone the inevitable? It doesn’t make a lot of financial sense; yet, panic or lack of adequate information about sound choices motivates people do irrational things or make ill-informed choices.

Some of the costs associated with putting off a bankruptcy consultation include:

  • Giving the creditor more time to garnish your bank accounts and/or wages. Some people live with wage garnishments for years before they finally seek help.
  • Making it more difficult to reclaim seized assets.
  • Draining your bank accounts to pay your bills until you have nothing else to do but visit a lawyer and then not having adequate cash to fund the legal effort.
  • Unnecessarily draining your retirement account — stressed out debtors don’t realize that almost all retirement accounts are exempt in a bankruptcy case (the trustee and the creditors cannot touch them).
  • Putting undue stress on your personal relationships.
  • Financial stress can lead to serious health issues. Most debtors feel the weight lifted off their shoulders as soon as they get help with their situation.

A certified Montana bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand your options and the consequences of each option so you can make an informed decision about how to best protect your income and assets and plan for debt relief. Spending only an hour and a few dollars on a consultation with an expert bankruptcy lawyer will save you much more money and loads of stress in the long run. The peace of mind alone is worth the cost of a bankruptcy consultation. Take it from someone who knows.

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