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File for Bankruptcy and Have a Happier Life

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This article in reiterates the message we can stress enough: If you are stressed out by crushing debt, then file for bankruptcy and get on with your life. Do not overlook the emotional, psychological and social tool of financial distress as well as the physical stress.

According to the article, a new study reveals that filing for bankruptcy may be a solution that eases the financial and physical stress more than ever suspected. The ...

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Pre-Bankruptcy Dos and Don’ts

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A little pre-bankruptcy planning can go a long way to make the bankruptcy process less painful. Struggling debtors are usually so busy treading water, dodging calls from collectors and trying to juggle their finances, that they don’t often think about the practicalities of a bankruptcy filing and tend to make major mistakes along the way.


  • Continue making payments on vehicles you plan to keep.
  • Reduce the amount of future income tax refunds. (Federal ...
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