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How to tell a great bankruptcy lawyer from an average bankruptcy lawyer

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This is another post from our prolific colleague in California, Cathy Moran, certified bankruptcy lawyer in California.

Her post (below) gives great insight into how good bankruptcy lawyers think. Average lawyers view the bankruptcy process as a bunch of paper work. Great bankruptcy lawyers see a puzzle that must be solved in the most efficient and successful way possible. What kind of bankruptcy lawyer do you want on your side?


One trait makes a bankruptcy lawyers  stand out.

Bankruptcy forms suck you in ...

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What is a Judgement-Proof Bankruptcy?

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You are judgement-proof when, under the laws of Montana, a judgment creditor has no practical ability to force payment of the judgment. You have no non-exempt assets and your income stream consists solely of exempt income (retirement income, social security, or the like).

Even if you are considered Judgement Proof in the state of Montana, it might still be a good idea to pursue bankruptcy for these three reasons:

Save time ...

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