Save Your Small Business From Bankruptcy

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Saving your business from bankruptcy can be as simple as a little pre-planning. The longer you wait to deal with a failing small business, the fewer options you have. The further in advance you consult with a certified Montana bankruptcy lawyer and get some expert legal assistance and guidance, the better outcome you will achieve.

Bankruptcy is not always the best choice for solving debt problems. Successful negotiation is the key to solving many debt issues. Bankruptcy can sometime be avoided if a business can negotiate modifications of existing financial obligations with lenders. We encourage negotiation and workout as a possible solution to avoid needless, and sometimes costly, litigation.

If it comes to bankruptcy, then Chapters 7, 11 or 13 may allow you to continue your business. The solution depends on how your business is structured, the amount of assets and debt it has, your specific goals and a host of other factors far too numerous it identify here.

Sticking your head in the sand will not keep your struggling small business alive. By the time reality sets in, it may be too late to emerge from the bankruptcy process successfully. Take the time to investigate your options and stay ahead of the game for the best results.

Contact Cossitt Law at (406) 752-5616. We can assist in workouts and negotiations with creditors to assure positive results. To make the negotiation process as smooth as possible, we do our best to maintain good relationships and communications with the other parties involved in the workout process.


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