Questions to Ask Your Montana Bankruptcy Attorney

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Not all Montana Bankruptcy lawyers are created equal. When your financial future is on the line, you want the best lawyer on your side. Since you are completely dependent on your lawyer to provide advice and guidance on your financial future, it is essential you work with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer you know you can trust.

The best lawyer has experience, integrity and expertise and the client satisfaction to back it up. Here are a few points to consider as you “interview” possible bankruptcy lawyers.*

  • What experience does the lawyer have handling cases similar to yours?
  • Is the lawyer interested in achieving your goals?
  • Does the attorney make you feel comfortable?
  • Do you feel like the attorney really listens to you and answers your questions?
  • Is the lawyer upfront about the legal services to be provided and the fee you will be charged?
  • Will the attorney handle your matter personally, or will his staff do the majority of the work?
  • Do you feel like the attorney is thorough in learning about you and your finances?
  • What type of certifications does the attorney hold?

Most people don’t understand all the questions they should ask a potential attorney. Then, they risk ending up with an attorney who isn’t prepared to deal with their case or, worse yet, can’t handle it. Jim Cossitt has three decades of bankruptcy experience and is a dual-board-certified bankruptcy lawyer. He has the experience and expertise to handle a variety of cases, no matter how challenging.

*Thanks to Robert Firth’s bankruptcy blog for the pointers.


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