Overcoming Bankruptcy Fears and Moving on With Life

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Money doesn’t buy happiness” — we are continually reminded by this popular maxim. One thing is for sure — when it comes to debt and bankruptcy, money can be the source of shame, sleepless nights and relentless stress.

While the financial consequences of bankruptcy are disconcerting, the mental burden can be overwhelming. It can affect relationships, your health and your family life. By the time some folks finally enlist the help of a bankruptcy lawyer, they have struggled with debt for so long that they’re emotionally exhausted by the time they’re ready to file.

Pile fear on top of that stress — fear that bankruptcy won’t offer relief, fear of what others will think, fear about destroyed credit scores — it is these kind of defeating thoughts that keep people from seeking help, which only prolongs the stress.  Financial distress is like a form of the grief process:  denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then acceptance.

It is important to see bankruptcy in a more positive light

People who file for bankruptcy need to come to terms with realizing that it’s OK to need help. Bankruptcy should be part of a long-term plan to restore financial stability. Instead of seeing bankruptcy as failure, look at is as a new lease on life. Bankruptcy gives you the breathing space to make a fresh start. We encourage our clients to feel empowered by finally taking control of their finances. Bankruptcy can also been seen as a powerful learning tool. Take advantage of the professional advise you are getting throughout the process and use that to move forward.

True financial and emotional recovery lies in whether people are able to change their financial habits.

The staff at Cossitt Law is committed to helping clients untangle their most complex debt issues, while protecting their best interests. This includes helping clients weigh their options, make informed decisions, anticipate and avoid problems, and resolve disputes in a timely manner. Contact us for an initial consultation and get a fresh start on your finances and your life.


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