Montana Home Foreclosures Gone Wrong

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In a follow up to our blog post about HARP(Home Affordable Refinance Program) loans, False Hope for Struggling Homeowners, we bring you this story from NPR about improper home foreclosures and how the nation’s largest banks have made mistakes, and broke laws, that cost many Americans their homes when they should be in affordable mortgages.

In this NPR story, Richard Cordray, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, tells us why government loan modification programs are such a joke:  ”Picture every bad customer service experience you’ve ever had: calls going unanswered, glacially slow processes, mistakes made and not fixed, a kaleidoscopic cast of characters who never seem to deal with you more than once, your paperwork submitted and lost repeatedly.”

Federal and state loan modification programs are nothing more than window dressing and a hoax on middle class homeowners.  They are underfunded, poorly staffed with folks who lack adequate training and regulatory oversight is non existent.

I get calls on a regular basis from Montana homeowners who need foreclosure help. Like many Americans, Montanans who have fallen on hard times and lost their jobs have not been able to keep up with mortgage payments, as a result, they are in foreclosure. I’ve also chatted with quite a few folks who were fraudulently put into foreclosure due to something as simple as a paperwork error.

Foreclosure, like a moving train, is difficult for one person to stop. Having an experienced board-certified attorney on your side can help you save your home from foreclosure. Hiring an expert lawyer to assist with the foreclosure defensemeans that disputes will be resolved by a judge, not just the mortgage lender.

CONTACT US  to set up a consultation. Cossitt Law will provide realistic legal advice and expert guidance to defend your home against foreclosure.

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