Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility


Jim Cossitt handles a variety of legal issues pertaining to professional ethics, including consultations, background advice and counsel, general advice, formal opinions on ethics issues, representation in disciplinary proceedings and inquiries and testimony as an expert witness.

He provides strategic advice and counsel to you and/or your firm on a wide range of ethics  and professional liability issues in the bankruptcy and insolvency practice, including:

  • Representation of lawyers in disciplinary matters, where a lawyer is accused of violating an ethics rule and is subject to sanctions, such as disbarment or suspension.
  • Representation of lawyers and law firms in court when they are accused of ethics violations or professional misconduct, including motions for sanctions for lawyer misconduct, motions to disqualify lawyers for conflicts of interest, and proceedings involving issues of attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.
  • Providing advice to lawyers and law firms concerning whether their planned conduct complies with ethics rules and other law.
  • Providing loss prevention advice to lawyers and law firms, helping them deal with claims by clients and others, or situations that may leads to claims, and advising lawyers and law firms how to avoid them.
  • Assisting other defense counsel with expert advice and counsel on all of the topics above.

Professional Liability and Discipline

Jim Cossitt has represented numerous lawyers in both disciplinary hearings and litigation. He also advises professional clients on best practices to avoid disciplinary investigations and lawsuits arising out of the bankruptcy and insolvency practice.

Legal Malpractice

It can be difficult to find an experienced expert witness or consultant to assist with the prosecution or defense of a legal malpractice action, as suchcases are often complex. When your professional career is on the line, it is best to work with an expert that has extensive experience and national recognition in the area of ethics, competency and professional liability.

Jim Cossitt is highly regarded for his expertise in small business and consumer bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy ethics. His extensive background in the area of legal ethics makes him a valuable addition to the  defense or prosecution of the ethics or professional liability matter you are facing. He has served as the Chair of the Consumer Subcommittee for the ABI National Ethics Task Force and as Chairman of the Best Practices Working Group that drafted “Working Paper: Best Practices for Debtors’ Attorneys” 64 BUS LAW, 79 (2008.)

Whether you or your firm are at risk because of ethics-related issues, or if you are seeking consultation on legal ethics or professional responsibility, Jim Cossitt can provide valuable counsel, defense and proactive guidance. Contact Jim Cossitt at (406) 752-5616 to discuss your options.