Consumer Bankruptcy


The initial consultation is the first step for any person or small business considering solutions to financial problems.

We offer a comprehensive initial consultation at a flat-rate price that includes a meeting of up to one full hour. We block off a full hour because we care about being thorough and doing a good job with integrity:  our initial consultations are serious, meaningful and intensive work sessions. Our advice and counsel is objective and unbiased by economic considerations – not driven by the need to sell you any service, since you are paying for the initial meeting.

Initial Consultations (IC) are offered at various prices depending on the level of service you desire**:

Initial Consultation: Discounted Special Rate*
$200  — Scheduled on our next available IC day  (50% of our normal hourly rate)

Initial Consultation:  Expanded “Game Plan” meeting + follow up letter **
$400  — Same as above but includes a detailed analysis letter and a step by step blueprint for resolving the issues. This service is more suitable for clients with a)  business failure issues;  b)  means test issues;  c)  pending, contemplated or recently concluded  divorce;  or d) other issues outside of the routine W-2 wage earner profile.

* Payment for the initial consultation is due in CASH only prior to the meeting. We do not accept checks or credit cards for initial consultations.

** Read: Why You Should Avoid Free Bankruptcy Consultations

This rate includes up to a full hour of Jim Cossitt’s undivided attention, analysis and advice based on over 30 years of experience. At the end of the initial consultation, you will understand the pros and cons of your options and be able to make an informed decision with confidence. You will also understand the next steps involved to address your problem and obtain relief.

The greatest problem we see when advising clients is that most have waited too long to seek legal counsel. Act now to save yourself a lot of heartache, aggravation, stress and anxiety. With proper planning you can protect your assets and ensure a successful bankruptcy or other outcome.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to:

•      Review your assets (property) and liabilities (debts), your income and expenses
•      Discuss your problems, concerns and goals for the resolution of those problems
•      Identify all solutions to your financial problem, discuss pros and cons of the various options
•      Assist you in identifying the option that is best for you

During an initial consultation, our focus is on you and your situation. Note that anything disclosed during the initial consultation is confidential under the attorney/client privilege. It is important that you are honest and frank when sharing the details of your financial situation. Please remember that I do not represent you until you officially hire me and sign a written fee agreement.

Contact us at (515) 235-0551 to set up a consultation. If you are hesitant to schedule a paid bankruptcy consultation, read this: Why You Should Avoid Free Bankruptcy Consultations.