Choosing a bankruptcy lawyer: Is cheapest always best?

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When choosing a bankruptcy lawyer in Montana, price is often used at the yardstick for comparison. Maybe you’ve searched the web and found a handful of Montana bankruptcy lawyers offering cheap fees, free consultations and easy payment plans. Sounds like a simple decision, right? Not really.

When you use price as your only measuring stick, you are missing out on the big picture for success. When you search for the cheapest lawyer, without taking into account experience or expertise, you may end up with a bungled case and/or an inexperienced lawyer who is only focused on the bottom line, not in helping you find the best solution for your financial problems. You get what you pay for. A cheap lawyer may cost you more in the long run.

This does not mean all expensive lawyers are good. It means that you must take into account experience, expertise, firm values and client satisfaction, as well as cost, when selecting a bankruptcy lawyer. Put some serious thought into what you are trying to accomplish and what you expect your bankruptcy lawyer to do for you. Match your goals with the lawyer’s specific expertise and experience for the best outcome. This sometimes requires meeting with several bankruptcy attorneys before making a final decision.

Your financial future is on the line. Choose wisely.

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