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The Bankruptcy Code requires debt relief agencies to make certain disclosures. Please review, print, sign and date each of the forms below within three days of our first meeting. The Bankruptcy Code requires that we retain proof that we provided these disclosure documents to you for two years (these are in PDF format)

•      Notice required by Bankruptcy Code § 527(a)(1)
•      Notice required by Bankruptcy Code § 527(a)(2)
•      Notice required by Bankruptcy Code § 527(b)
•      Notice required by Bankruptcy Code § 527(c)

Confidentiality Disclosure Regarding E-mail Communication

Please note that e-mail communication is not a secure method of communication. Any e-mail that is sent to you or by you may be copied and held by various computers as it passes through as it goes from our firm to you or vice versa.  Persons not participating in our communication may intercept communications by improperly accessing your computer or our computer system or even some computer unconnected to either of us that the e-mail passed through.

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