Firm Values

The staff at Cossitt Law is committed to helping clients untangle their most complex debt issues, while protecting their best interests. This includes helping clients weigh their options, make informed decisions, anticipate and avoid problems, and resolve disputes in a timely manner.

Our litigation philosophy is to pursue an aggressive, forthright and consistent approach with our overall objective to resolve issues in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Jim draws from over 30 years of extensive legal experience as Montana’s only dual-board-certified bankruptcy lawyer to provide all clients—debtors, creditors and trustees—no matter how big or small, with the most personal, efficient, and cost-effective legal services and solutions available.

Our experience, developed while handling hundreds of hearings, trials,  litigation and settlement meetings, means we can efficiently deliver legal services while avoiding rookie errors that costs clients extra time and money. Our extensive experience also allows us to focus on finding pragmatic and customized solutions to our clients’ problems so they can get on with their lives.

Integrity is at the forefront of our guiding principles. We treat all our clients with the respect they deserve and represent our clients as we ourselves would want to be represented. Cossitt Law is fully committed to our fiduciary duty of undivided loyalty, resolving the client’s problems and acting in their best interests. We do not allow influence from fellow lawyers, government officials or other community connections to impede, in any way, our independent judgment and advocacy on behalf of our clients. Our primary commitment is to use independent judgement while acting in our clients’ best interest to help them achieve their goals and get their finances back on track.

We believe that honesty is the best policy and we back that policy with a commitment to client-centered decision making. We will clearly explain your legal options and the related economic implications of those choices so you can be confident you are taking the right path.

Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by getting clients from point A to point B as quickly as possible. We avoid using coercive, delaying or obstructive tactics and focus on finding the best solution for our clients.

Our strength is to provide strategic alternatives for dealing with complex financial problems and small to medium sized distressed business. With over 30 years of specialized bankruptcy experience, Jim Cossitt is one of Montana’s  most skilled and respected bankruptcy experts and Montana’s only dual-board certified bankruptcy attorney — certified by the the American Board of Certification in both consumer and business bankruptcy law. Jim regularly consults with other law firms on specialized bankruptcy matters, serves as an expert witness in bankruptcy and legal malpractice cases and has handled thousands of cases as a Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 trustee.

Jim’s skill as a bankruptcy expert led him to chair the Best Practices Working Group that published “Working Paper: Best Practices for Debtors’ Attorneys”, 64 Bus. Law 79 (2008), which was preceded by an earlier Report by the Task force entitled “Attorney liability under section 707(b)(4) of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005”, 61 Bus. Law. 697 (2006).

As a board-certified Montana bankruptcy lawyer, Jim Cossitt has the experience and expertise to provide you with advice you can trust. When your financial future is on the line, you want the best lawyer on your side.