Asset Protection Planning

Begin your asset protection planning now!

Be proactive in protecting your resources, assets, and financial future
Seeking professional assistance to protect your assets is a proactive measure to safeguarding your financial future. Whether facing creditors outside of bankruptcy or contemplating a future bankruptcy, the legal experts at Cossitt Law know how to use all the various tools to help design an asset protection strategy to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Asset Protection Planning

  • Provide a range of asset protection strategies designed to shield and insulate your wealth from personal and business liability risks
  • Preserve wealth for you and your family
  • Gain a better understanding of the types of assets you need to protect
  • A solid asset protection plan forces legal opponents to recognize the difficulty in pursuing a claim
  • Keeps your assets intact and keeps you in control of your property
  • Minimizes exposure by planning for the worst case scenario
  • The further in advance you seek local legal counsel and implement a wealth-protection strategy, the less likely things will be challenged

Consider asset protection planning as a form of insurance
We take a personalized approach to asset protection planning. Our goal is to educate you about the options available to meet your specific needs and the relative risks and rewards various options offer. We analyze your current holdings as well as your liability and likelihood of exposure, we also consider your family situation, so you can make an informed choice based on your budget and risk tolerance.   We also help clients identify when assets cannot be protected and whether transfers may constitute preferential or fraudulent transfers.  A little planning now will minimize your exposure should your assets ever be challenged by creditors.

How the Asset Protection Planning Process Works

  • We take the time to review and analyze our client’s total financial position, identify financial and personal goals and objectives, and evaluate financial problems.
  • We assess our client’s risk/reward profile, evaluate asset disposition and cash flow, risk management, and get a realistic goal of objectives.
  • Using our extensive knowledge of the legal intricacies involved in asset protection planning, we will review alternative strategies and  formulate customized recommendations to achieve objectives consistent without our client’s resources and attitudes.

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